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Real Estate: Faster and More Efficient Closings with ScanSnap iX1600

Here are a few interesting factoids you may or may now know about real estate transactions.

An average transaction for a residential or commercial property sale could entail the use of 50 forms, many of which have multiple pages. That means a single sale could include hundreds of pages of documentation. The management of all of the paperwork needed for real estate transactions can be a complex, time-consuming and even costly task—but it doesn’t have to be.

The iX1600: A dream machine for a real estate office

The new Scansnap IX1600, an all-in-one document management solution, can change the way real estate agents do business—and turn their offices into paperless, streamlined hubs of efficiency. Here’s a quick overview of how.

  • Expedited closings. Quick hassle-free response time is a key competitive advantage for agents, not only in a current sale, but as a hallmark for future referrals. Using an iX1600 to scan, organize and manage all related documents, from point of engagement through to final closing, will help accelerate the closing process and make it easier for everyone involved. Many interactions can be handled online, thereby adding tremendous convenience, minimizing in-person meetings and reducing unnecessary delays.

  • More accurate documentation. In the past, many real estate documents were copied and then faxed, which often compromised and degraded the quality of critical financial and transaction information. The iX1600 provides sharp and clear images the first time and every time with little to no fuse.

  • Time-saving convenience. Individual agents can have their own iX1600 at their desk, or up to five agents in an office can share one via Wi-Fi, each with their own separate profiles. Each customized profile can include preferred settings and applications, along with favorite file types and destinations. For instance, an agent’s profile could include the options to send scanned documents to email, a transaction management solution in the office, or to a cloud storage application like Dropbox.

  • Less paper, less costs. A real estate business is like every other business in that less paper means reduced operational and storage costs, as well as a smaller carbon footprint—all of which of course contributes to a greener, healthier environment.

The features that make the iX1600 a compact powerhouse

The iX1600 is proving to be a must-have in real estate offices because of the high-powered features and capabilities that are available right out of the box, including:

  • The design. The iX1600 has a small footprint that makes it ideal for the compact work environments and coveted desk space. It’s quiet, which is perfect for shared office spaces, and intuitively designed for non-techy people. It has a 4.3” touch screen for easy access to all the features needed. Agents can scan wirelessly, or use the USB port when that’s more convenient. Plus, the iX1600 is outfitted with ultra-sonic feed detection that reduces jams and misfeeds.

  • Speed, accuracy, and quality. The scanning time of this scanner is faster than most in the category, from powering up to the final digitized image. It’s speed is 33% faster than its predecessor, at 40-ppm, which is key when working with hundreds of pages of documents. The iX1600 also comes with automated image correction, which eliminates manual editing. Image quality is enhanced by automatic size, color and blank sheet detection—and other capabilities like automatic rotation, dust detection, de-skewing and streak reduction too, all contributing to more accurate data capture

  • Variable scan destinations. Agents can scan a batch of several related financial and background documents all at once, without adjusting settings, even if they are different sizes. All the documents can be saved as a single PDF, a searchable PDF or JPEG file. They can automatically be saved to Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android devices, or as mentioned above, they can be sent to the cloud, an email application, or an office’s transaction management solution.

  • Easy tag, categorize, store, and search. Agents will always be able find the documents they need quickly, because with the xi1600’s OCR parallel processing, documents can be tagged and categorized as they are scanned. Without tedious hunt-and-peck searches, retrieval will be faster and easy.

  • Editable files. For Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, the iX1600 will make agents life even easier, because they can edit and modify the documents, making changes throughout the transaction cycle almost effortless.

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