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Advice from our experts

How to choose your scanner ?

The important elements to take into account in your choice of scanner :

- The format : do you have to scan A4, A3 formats ... it is advisable to determine the representative volumes by format.

- The scanning speed also indicates how fast your scanner will be able to scan your documents. The technologies used today make it possible to have identical speeds for scans at 300 dpi in color or in black and white.

- The size of the charger : A fast scanner can be penalized by the size of its charger. The operator must not re-power the scanner at too low a frequency, which leaves him no time to prepare his batches of documents to be scanned.

- Daily production : This important information specifies the number of pages a scanner can handle per day.

- The type of scanning : It is possible to scan flat or to circulate the paper in a "u" shape. Depending on the type of documents, the "U" passage may not be suitable for all documents. For example, thick or rigid documents (eg new identity cards ...) cannot be scanned.

- The detection of duplicates : A scanner should allow you to certify that all documents are perfectly scanned and that a page has not been duplicated. Double pass detection thus certifies the reliability of the scanning process.

- The price : This information is also essential in your choice of scanner.

The different types of scanners

There are different types of scanners :

  • Flatbed scanners

  • Scroll scanners

  • Book scanners

The nature of the documents to be scanned should guide your choice of scanner.

Use of software and scanners

A scanner is not everything. Namely that it scans, but then it is necessary to carry out some additional missions to finalize the task namely : separate files, name the files, index.

There are different tools that allow you to perform these actions. Free tools delivered with your scanners or more advanced software based on OCR and automatic recognition.

Practical advice and recommendations

To choose the right scanning tool, you need to know exactly what you want to scan : what document size, what volume, how long.

Thanks to these elements, you will be able to decide which models are best suited to your needs.

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