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The world's fastest book scanner

Scan books, magazines and documents in 1 second per page (color speed 30 pages / min)

Scan multiple pages of a document and get a multi-page PDF

Powered by a powerful lithium-ion battery rechargeable via USB

Scanned content instantly appears onscreen with InstantResult.

IRIScan Book is very easy to use: just drag the scanner over the document to instantly get a high resolution scanned image, up to 1200 dpi! Thanks to the high-quality optical sensor and the casters placed under the scanner, scanning is extremely fast and stable! It only takes you a second, regardless of the document. If you are scanning bound documents, you do not need to tear off the pages. You can even turn your books into e-books and enjoy reading content with peace of mind.

Characteristic :

Scanning speed: 30 ppm

Iris IRIScan Book 5

129,00 €Price
Excluding Sales Tax

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