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KV-S7097 Document Scanner | 100 ppm / 200 ipm





The new KV-S7097 marks the high-end addition to Panasonic’s market-leading flatbed scanners range, offering superior scanning speeds for enterprises large and small, without compromising on quality. With one-touch duplex scanning of up to 200 sheets, built-in image processing features, and multi-size, multi-material functionality, the flexible KV-S70 Series saves valuable time and resources, whilst significantly increasing productivity.


A new era of scanning intelligence​​​​​​​

Hassle-free and high-volume​​​​​​​

An automatic document feeder (ADF)enables duplex scanning of up to 200 sheets in one simple operation, while the flatbed area is ideal for working with thick books or thin and delicate papers. 
Thanks to this exceptional convenience and versatility, all the effort is taken out of high-volume scanning, freeing you to concentrate on other tasks.


Double-Feed Skip

The Double-Feed Skip function limits wasted time on paper-feed errors and provides a more valuable scan, by automatically pausing for labels and envelopes. 
Simply choose to skip,and scanning resumes as normal.


Site Central Manager Suite software

Network-based fleet management software which allows you to remotely monitor and manage your Panasonic scanners, as well as update device firmware and client applications.


Intelligent features for improved productivity

Quick-touch, pre-programmable settings for up to nine jobs, allowing you to scan without initiating it from your connected PC.
Built-in image orientation, 2-page separation, automatic cropping and skew correction features, reduce time spent conducting post-image processing.
Users can scan documents of various sizes all at once using the multi-crop tool, saving valuable time, and paper consumption.
Auto Rescan and Auto Preview features also allow users to review and adjust images without the need for rescanning.
So usability couldn’t be easier.


Incredibly fast speeds, incredibly good quality

In simplex and duplex, the KV-S7097 is able to scan at up to 100 ppm/200 ipm – even at 300 dpi quality. 
So you don’t have to compromise on either speed or quality.


Scan multiple sizes and materials

Quickly, accurately and simultaneously scan documents of various thickness, sizes and lengths, eliminating the need to continually set up margin justifications. 
Freeing up valuable time for more important things, and boosting work efficiency.


Superior scanning for high-performance industries

Thanks to intelligent flexibility that includes 9 programmable quick touch scans, 200 sheet automatic document feeder, built-in image processing features, and multi-size, multi-material functionality. 
The KV-S7097 offers exceptional convenience and seamless usability, saving valuable time, drastically reducing wasted resources, and significantly increasing productivity.
From government to service bureaus, to education and legal operations, this latest addition to Panasonic’s market-leading flatbed scanner series has been specifically designed to deliver incredibly fast and affordable scanning solutions for businesses, without compromising on quality



  • Full Color Duplex Scanning
  • 200 page ADF
  • Panasonic Image Enhancement Technology With Color
  • Multi-Crop, 2 Page separation
  • Dynamic Threshold Technology
  • RTIV Image Capture Utility
  • Intelligent double feed detection with skip function
  • Multi-Color drop out.
  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Optional PRE-scan imprinter (ADF only)
  • 11"x17" & unlimited length long documents
  • ADF and A3 flatbed scanning
  • Flexible media handling (8.3 - 34 lbs.)
  • 9 Programmable workflows
  • Hardware image processing
  • Auto Rescan and Preview
  • Long paper (unlimited)
  • Site Central Manager Suite software

Panasonic KV-S7097

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