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The Fujitsu fi-7900 Scanner

Advanced productivity for high-volume scanning


The fi-7900 scans A4 landscape documents at high speeds of 140 ppm/280 ipm (200/300 dpi). It is capable of scanning up to A3 sized portrait documents and can load up to 500 sheets at a time.


Accurate feeding to maximize productivity

Our production scanners are designed to build productive workflows. In addition to our reliable feeding, the fi-7900 comes with a variety of functionalities that make feeding performance even better. Finish scanning faster without the need to make any rescans using the all-new Automatic Separation Control function. This new function automatically calibrates torque on the brake rollers and guarantees that documents go through one at a time. The fi-7900 now also comes with the fi Series signature Skew Reducer function providing independent separator rollers to ensure skewed documents do not affect WKHdocuments tKDW follow.


Organized paper ouWput for clean and fast workflows

Not only do we ensure that paper is fed through smoothly but also that output is made in neat stacks. The improved Stacking Control function and Elevator Stacker allow operators to quickly gather documents after scanning so that WKH\ can quickly move on to the next batch, and scan multiple batches in shorter times.


Stress-free usability with an operator-friendly design

The fi-7900 is designed to make the operator experience easy. Operators can scan directly from the scanner with the job-registration function, and complete various operations on the easily-accessible operator panel and LCD status display. 

Routine maintenance is also a snap.The fi-7900's LED lights make cleaning dust,debris,and ink residue build-up from the glass easy.


Advanced software for maximized efficiency

Empower operator workflows and feed information efficiently with our latest PaperStream IP scanner driver and integrated software. With a few simple setting configurations, Automatic Profile Selection allows documents to undergo image processing appropriate to each document format. Operators no longer need to sort documents manually since the driver works with PaperStream Capture to link document formats to specific saving destinations. Image processing functionalities are also enhanced with Advanced Cleanup Technology providing strong character recognition and image cleanup for better OCR accuracy. All these fonctions work together to offer a wider variety of batch scanning features and assist operator workflows.




  • Accurately powers through your documents at up to 280 images per minute
  • High-capacity 500-page Automatic Document Feeder suitable for continuous scanning
  • Automatic Separation Control function and Skew Reducer to ensure stable feeding
  • Paper Protect function to prevent documents from being damaged
  • Stacking Control function and Elevator Stacker for easy paper collection from the stacker
  • Manual Feed Mode to scan various types of documents
  • scanning speeds of 140 ppm/280 ipm (A4 landscape, color, 200/300 dpi)
  • 120,000 sheets a day*(*based on 16 hours of scanning​​​​​​​)

Fujitsu fi-7900

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